One of the best things about being multilingual? The connections I make and the people I meet. So let me share a little about myself.


Growing up, I always thought I would be a teacher. But, I never imagined I'd be teaching others about multilingualism. I grew up in a household where only English was spoken. I practically failed my middle school Spanish classes, and only as an adult did I learn Portuguese and then Spanish. For any of you who have learned languages as an adult, you know the effort it takes! But, what I started to learn was that even for children, there is some thought and planning involved. 

Learning languages made me feel connected to the people I lived with in Portugal and to the Hispanic families I worked with in the United States, There is something magical about crossing this bridge into other worlds, shaped by different words and sounds. 

When I was asked to pick a discipline in college, I really wanted to study the Spanish, Portuguese, and English literature that I'd spent countless evenings diving into . But, my practical side got the better of me, and I decided to become a speech therapist. I have found a medium to use foreign languages to hopefully inspire other families to carry forward their bilingual heritage.


Being multilingual has shaped my life, my thoughts, my experience of the world. My life would look so different had I not learned other languages.

As I looked at the families I worked with, I saw that many struggled to raise bilingual children. There were challenges I hadn't even realized existed for families who are trying to pass on their home language to their children. Or, for parents who don't speak a second language, having their child acquire a foreign language can feel monumental. And, as I started to search for materials to guide myself and these families in this process, I realized I wasn't finding everything I had hoped was out there. So, I decided to create my own with books, blogs, and courses to support other parents, caregivers, and teachers who are raising bilingual littles.  Recently, I was interviewed by an online magazine, Subkit, about why I became an entrepreneur. You can read that interview here. I am so glad that I chose this road, have met so many amazing people along the way, and I can't wait to see what comes up next. 

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