Parents & Caregivers, Learn about Littles' Language Development! 

You care for children, love them and keep them safe. Your job, either as a parent, nanny, pediatrician, or daycare provider is the most essential of all. You want the best for your little ones and that's why I'm here to help you support their speech and language development whether your child speaks one language or three!

Take a look at the courses, books, and continuing education I offer to help you feel confident in supporting your child's language development!



A guide for parents raising bilingual children ages birth to five.

This book teaches you how to create the right environment so that your child will want to learn two languages, and you'll learn the best strategies to get there. I also help dispel any fears you may have around bilingualism. If your child has a language delay or learning disability, they have as much right and need for bilingualism as every other child. And this book will cover exactly that. I dispel harmful myths around bilingualism being harmful! And, I have language building tips to build your child's communication. Hop on over to Lulu to buy the book!

And if you Speak Spanish

Si hablas español, hay un nuevo curso,

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Un curso sobre el desarrollo del habla y lenguaje de tu peque. Para padres de niños entre los dos a los cuatro años de edad.

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The Bilingual Child Goes to Preschool

Online Webinar

A ninety-minute webinar for daycares, preschools, and other professionals who work with bilingual littles (i.e. pediatricians, occupational therapists, etc) Do you work with children who come from multilingual households? Do you want to know how to best support their language development. Learn the skills you need for your childcare to successfully serve bilingual children! We are living in a country that is more diverse than ever. Show parents that your establishment leads the way in child development!


Raising Bilingual Littles-

A webinar for parents of children ages birth to five! April 6 from 7PM-8PM PST

Before this webinar, you'll receive a pdf copy of the book, I Can Be Bilingual, emailed to you!

Join me, Rebecca Green, trilingual speech therapist, to discuss bilingual development, including concerns you may have around bilingualism.

Some things we'll cover

  • What does typical bilingual language development look like?
  • When should I worry about my child's language development?
  • What if my child doesn't want to speak our home language?
  • What can I do to boost my child's language learning?

And you'll have the chance to talk with other parents about what works for them as well as possibly connect with other parents who speak your target language so you can arrange get togethers, etc. 

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A Chapter From My Book,

I Can Be Bilingual


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Learn 3 Secrets to Boosting Your Child's Language


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A Quiz on Language Learning In Littles. 



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